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Belying the myth that he had a finger on the popular pulse, Om Prakash Chautala, 77, Haryana's most influential Jat leader and five time chief minister, may have misread the prevailing political situation and his own future. "Khet jotne se pehle, hal ki nok pe lagi mitti se zameen mein nami ka andaza laga leta hoon (I can gauge the amount of moisture in the ground from the dirt on the tip of the plough, even before tilling the land)," Chautala had boasted to a close associate ahead of the 2009 Haryana Assembly polls. But after a court of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), on January 16, convicted Chautala and his 53 year old elder son and heir apparent Ajay Singh on charges of forgery, corruption and criminal conspiracy, the very existence of his party, Indian National Lok Dal (INLD), may be under threat. The case relates to the fraudulent recruitment of 3,206 JBT (Junior Basic Trained) schoolteachers in 2000. On January 22, father and son were sentenced to 10 years of hard labour, along with eight others that included Sher Singh Badshami, the deputy leader of the Opposition in the state Assembly. Others include two IAS officers, Chautala's former officer on special duty Vidya Dhar, and Sanjiv Kumar, Haryana's erstwhile director of primary education who first exposed the scam in June 2003 but was subsequently also made a respondent by CBI. Unless the Delhi High Court or Supreme Court sets aside the ruling, the Jat supremo is staring at a decade behind bars and an additional six year bar on contesting polls a mortifying prospect at his age. Sampat Singh, who joined the Congress after more than four decades with the Chautalas, starting out as Devi Lal's political secretary in 1977, believes the verdict will prove a watershed in India's political history. "Corrupt political coteries have never been so jolted," he says, adding, "This will revive the confidence of common people who have seen blatant corruption go unpunished for far too long." Singh says INLD faces a real danger of imploding. "Chautala and Ajay ran the party as a personal fiefdom, brooking no interference or advice from even trusted second rung leaders," he says. He points to the fact that much of the party's extensive cadre across the Jatdominated southern Haryana districts is part of Devi Lal's political legacy. "With both father and son in jail, it will be more than a challenge to keep the party together," he says. "Devi Lal was a mass leader who was happiest among the people," Singh recalls with evident fondness. According to him the late Chautala patriarch had set himself a few ground rules, such as never accepting an invitation to a meal at a supporter's home, as he felt the host would end up spending unnecessarily on feeding Lal's large retinue. Singh says Chautala never adhered to his late father's ground rules, and that "lunch or dinner at a supporter's home invariably became a fund raiser". The patriarch's disappointment with his eldest son surfaced early. As chief minister, Devi Lal publicly disowned Chautala in October 1978 after custom officers at Palam Airport detained him with dozens of electronic wristwatches he had reportedly picked up during a trip to Japan. Following Devi Lal's death in April 2001, Chautala drove away almost every INLD veteran who owed allegiance to his father. Singh says, "Not one of the 16 MLAs who won in the 1991 polls are with him today." Many observers are not convinced that judicial indictment in the corruption case will erode INLD'S base. "Chautala's younger son Abhey Singh is a good manager. He may not have much experience in politics, but nothing prevents him from being counselled by his father and brother from jail," says journalist Chander Trikha. He admits that poll finances could be a problem, as this has been Chautala and Ajay's domain. Pramod Kumar, director of Institute of Development Communication (IDC), a Chandigarh based think tank, agrees. "It would be premature to write Chautala's political obituary," he says. Haryana's tradition ridden Jats, who openly endorse lynching as punishment for 'wayward' couples and intra caste marriages through khap panchayats, are not particularly enamoured of the country's legal and judicial system. Corruption, Kumar points out, has never been a poll issue for rural Haryanvis, who believe all politicians "make money". "Voters could easily see the conviction and 10 year jail term as dhakka(unfair treatment) and be overcome by a sympathy wave in INLD'S favour," he says. Second son Abhey Singh and second rung INLD politicians are already projecting the court's verdict as proof of how the Congress employs CBI to target opponents. INLD President Ashok Arora told INDIA TODAY on January 21 that the party will raise a storm over corruption in the highest echelons of the Congress. "We will raise Robert Vadra's complicity in major land scams," he says. Haryana's Congress leaders are circumspect in response to their rival's troubles. Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda restricted himself to an appeal for peace, suggesting "the verdict can be challenged in a higher court". Trikha doesn't discount the induction of fourth generation Chautalas Ajay and Abhey's sons, unblemished by corruption allegations into the poll fray. "Dushyant, Digvijay, Kunal and Arjun may be political greenhorns," he says "but they come with a decadeslong legacy in politics."

Everyone knows a conspiracy theorist who, at the slightest provocation, will spout a stream of cerebro diarrhea about the secret organizations that control every minute aspect of our lives from the shadows. Well, it turns out you owe that guy a burrito, because he was totally right about everything . except for the "secret" part. The sinister organizations making society dance like a puppet aren't illuminati or freemasons they're boring, ordinary groups gone mad with power. Groups like . 5. The Auto Clubs That Invented Jaywalking to Shift Blame to PedestriansSure, we all hate it when some arrogant pedestrian has the audacity to get their blood all over our hood, but put yourself in the shoes of that oblivious walk monkey for a second: Isn't it a little strange that, if you happen to cross the road at the wrong spot, you're the lawbreaker, even if you don't inconvenience any drivers at all? Motorcycles, bicycles hell, even horses supposedly have equal rights to the road. But you, with your primitive feet, have absolutely no business being there, and you're basically volunteering for a real life game of Frogger every time you cross the street in a non stripy section. Except that you'd never have the stones to rock the vest/tie/no shirt combo. But that wasn't always the case. When cars first arrived on the scene, they weren't guaranteed the right of way if a car hit a pedestrian, it was a shocking and public tragedy. The driver would face charges of something like "technical manslaughter" even when the accident was considered unavoidable. The thinking was that you're the one shooting about in a murder machine the burden of caution is on you. It was auto clubs like AAA that first worked to make drivers the lords of the blacktop. Back in 1923, people started calling for physical speed limiters on cars to prevent accidents, and auto clubs (under heavy influence from the boys in Detroit) realized that slower cars would result in fewer owners, fewer sales, and fewer memberships. With an astoundingly subtle, graceful, not even slightly racist campaign, they lobbied and successfully kept American cars faster than your mom at a Loverboy concert. Although the idea of walling off Cincinnati does sound appealing to most modern Americans. The bigger victory, though, was shifting the blame for accidents away from errant, roguish, begoggled old timey automobilists over to those devil may care pedestrians. The concept of jaywalking basically didn't exist until the 1920s why would it? Streets were made for people to get around, and most people got around by walking. Now they suddenly had to get the hell out of the road to make way for cars. It makes sense to us today in our auto centric culture, but picture that moment when it happened: It would be like waking up one morning to find that you could no longer walk down the hallway in your apartment building because too many people were getting hit by Segways. So with the legislation in place, it came time to focus on changing people's perceptions. And much like cigarettes and Japanese card battle games, auto makers found that they had to hit them young. AAA paid for the safety education of millions of students, telling children to use crosswalks and look both ways. We mean saving lives. Same difference, right? 4. Credit Reporting Agencies Who Sell You to the Highest Bidder (Or Any Bidder)As far as society is concerned, your entire worth as a human being boils down to a single number on a single piece of paper: your credit score. Somehow, we all accidentally entered into a Logan's Run type situation, but instead of coming when we turn 30, the men in black jumpsuits show up when we inevitably overcharge our Home Depot card trying to build a trebuchet in our living room. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images "We'd have approved you and hooked you up with moat financing. Just sayin'." And that's not the unsettling part. See, credit ratings are controlled by just three private companies: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. But these companies rule far more than your credit score. Recently, Experian landed a sweet deal with the Social Security Administration under which they control your access to online Social Security statements and benefits. That's particularly scary because it turns out that Experian isn't exactly great at online security: Last year, Irish regulators opened an investigation into their security practices due to the more than 80 breaches of their consumer database since 2006. consumers is based in Dublin. Ireland's not exactly Thunderdome or anything we're sure they have a fine workforce but we're outsourcing our own benefits and the maintenance of the single most important number in our lives?And you just know you're going to get screwed when they convert your number to metric credit. You know all those pre approved credit offers that you get in the mail and use as kindling for your flaming trebuchet balls of justice? Those companies know to send you all that crap because the credit reporting agencies can sell your information to any third party they damn well please. And they're not just selling your name, address, and credit score they even sell unlisted phone numbers. Presumably because they, like Cracked, know that everything is better in lists. Seems appropriate that the one where they get to jam something up your ass has the best value, percentage wise. costs 26 times what it does in Canada. Canada is right there! Depending on where you live in the States, you could conceivably look out your window at the Canadian border and literally watch $879 burst into flames. But why? It's not (solely) because of socialization, or the lack thereof it's because the hospitals and insurance companies are involved in a sort of cold war of blatant fraud that leads to constantly escalating prices. Each hospital has a "chargemaster" a list of what it charges for every item or service. No two hospitals' chargemasters are quite the same, but they all have one thing in common: gigantic markups. But the insurance companies know it's a hot steaming wad of crap, so they use their largess to haggle with the hospitals and get upwards of 70 percent discounts off the list prices. Hospitals then have to mark everything up, because they know those bastard insurance companies are only going to pay 30 percent of the asking price.Nfl Jerseys Cheap

Being able to draw the original Mickey Mouse as he first appeared in Steamboat Willie is a highly prized skill to hone. Even though you would think the original character would be simpler and easier to draw than the modern Mickey, it's actually more complicated than you'd think and not something most people could do on a whim. Examine a snapshot from the original 1928 Steamboat Willie cartoon, draw the body and features starting strategically with the basic shapes, color it in with a little black ink, and give yourself a pat on the back. Making Mickey Mouse from Steamboat Willie shouldn't be too hard. Sketch using a pencil. Draw a small to medium sized circle that is a little wider than it is taller (slight oval). Add small circles half the size of the previous circle coming from the top of the previous circle with a small edge of the circles obscured by the first circle. From the perspective of a clock, these should be drawn at 11 o'clock and 1:30. Close to the left edge of the circle, draw the nose of Mickey by beginning to draw an oval shape sticking more than half off of Mickey's face. As you come back around onto the mickey's face, extend the bottom line of the oval toward the right side the facial circle curving up as you go like the top half of an open smile. Then stop and draw a line coming from that point down and to the left towards the bottom left side of the circle. Connect this line to the bottom of the nose forming an open mouth. Draw the lower lip space a little away from the mouth itself starting just before the lower edge of the circle and hooking around with the rest of the mouth into the nose. Add a tongue by drawing a curved "V" from one side to the other at the midpoint of the mouth. Draw a small black filled oval sticking out from the larger semi oval that represents the nose as well as black ovals at about 10 o'clock for the eyes (with one at the edge and only partially seen). Make a line starting from the edge of the circle at 3 o'clock looping up and around towards the left (separating cheek from fur on head). Draw the line so that is comes to a point just after the right corner of the mouth, then stop, reverse the line, and loop toward the upper left until the line disappears at the top of the head. Draw a "V" coming from the top of the head a little above the space in between the eyes as well. Add a curved line just after the right corner of the mouth to represent a crease in the cheek due to the smile. Draw a long can like shape coming from the top of the head's at 12 o'clock obscuring one third of the ear to the left. At the top of the can, add an oval starting from a little below the upper right corner of the can shape, then hooking around and rejoining the can shape a little below the upper left corner. Draw half of an oval sticking out of Mickey's head starting at the bottom left corner of the can shape (hat) and hooking around to the left ending back at Mickey's head (bill of hat). Fill in the back of the mouth, separated fur areas including ears, and the oval at the top of the hat with a black marker. Draw another slight oval that is smaller that the original head oval or circle about two inches down and slightly to the left, tilted slightly counterclockwise (center point to center point for the two inches). Add what look like the very ends of small rounded rectangles coming from the bottom of this oval at 4 o'clock and 6 o'clock (pant legs should be very short looking). Draw two ovular buttons close to the edge at 7 o'clock and just before 12 o'clock. Draw thinner tube like legs bent in the middle at 30 degree angles coming from those pant legs. Both should be bent away from the center, with the right leg appearing closer to the viewer. At the bottom of each leg, draw a shoe facing away from the body. Make the shoes by drawing what looks like the opening of a glove at the bottoms of the legs attached to rigid, almost rectangular ovals. Add a visible, yet small, heel to each shoe as well as a similar surface under the front of the shoes. Draw a tail coming from the edge of the right pant leg right beside the leg itself. The tail should head down and to the right, first curving towards the right, then towards the left, along the way. Draw a three dimensional, very large, old fashioned ship's steering wheel that is as high as the top of Mickey's left ear and as low as the middle of Mickey's left shoe. Position it so that the right edge is about 1 inch away from the left side of Mickey's head. Make the wheel have six spokes coming from a small, circular center that sticks out as much as the main wheel surrounding it. The spokes should appear to penetrate the center circle as well as the outer circle of the steering wheel, then protruding 1/2 inch from the outer wheel's sides at all six points. Draw a black circle at the inner part of the spoke on the left side at around 9 o'clock. Draw another black circle (Mickey's hands) at the end of the spoke that should be sticking out of the side of the wheel at around 2 o'clock. Draw a line coming from the upper right edge of Mickey Mouse's rear end (the lower circle with the legs coming out) and meeting the bottom right corner of Mickey Mouse's head. Draw another line starting at the upper left edge of Mickey's rear end and ending at the midpoint of the lower lip. Just before the the top end of the left side's line, draw a thin tube like arm that goes straight across and ends at the right edge of the circle (hand) you draw on the spoke at 6 o'clock. Draw another tube like arm coming from the left side of Mickey's lower lip heading up and a little to the left that ends at the circle you drew on the out portion of the spoke at 2 o'clock. Color in mickey's upper body, arms, and legs with a black marker. How to Draw Different Mickey Mouse Faces Mickey Mouse is one of the first recognizable animated characters to hit American cinema and is known world wide. His face usually. How to Draw Sorcerer Mickey In the 1930s, Mickey Mouse popularity was falling fast, especially when Looney Tunes and Felix the Cat were introduced. In 1940, Walt. How to Draw a Mouse Learning to draw small animals like mice can be the cornerstone of learning the basic techniques for drawing most animals. Drawing a. How to Draw a Nose Noses may be the toughest of all human features to draw realistically. There are plenty of effective cartoon noses, but how do. How to Make Steamboat Science Projects The use of steam to power machinery began in about 1700 and gave rise to the Industrial Revolution, according to the Museum. About Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse, the well known cartoon character invented by Walt Disney, enjoys international fame. From his modest 1928 beginnings, Mickey Mouse has become. How to Draw a Cartoon Mouse Comments. You May Also Like. How to Draw Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse is a classic cartoon character that you can draw with. Mickey Mouse Party Ideas for Halloween Mickey Mouse Party Ideas for Halloween. Halloween is a festive scary holiday, but sometimes people get too carried away with gore. If. How to Make a Mickey Mouse Costume Mickey Mouse is easily the most famous Disney character ever. So kids everywhere love to see the character costumes or dress up. How to Start a Steamboat Restaurant Steamboats helped to revolutionize passenger travel and commerce on United States rivers. The first steam powered vessels appeared in the late 1700s and.