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With a team name and colours already settled and with their final submission to the QRL made, Brothers Leagues Club officials expect to a decision from the QRL before the 2014 ISC season opener on March 1. Given the considerable organisation and recruitment involved with creating an ISC team, Townsville bid leaders say they cannot afford to wait much longer for a decision to come from QRL headquarters. Much fanfare was given to the bid group's official launch early last year, but off field hiccups combined with National Rugby League restructuring has seen the QRL postpone any decision regarding Townsville's ISC team by six months. "We really need something confirmed from them (the QRL) soon," Brothers Leagues Club chairman Gavin Lyons said. Start of sidebar. Skip to end of sidebar. "I don't we can do anything more than what we've already done, so now it's just a matter of waiting. "For 2015 we certainly need at least 12 months to have things in place, like finding coaches, players and other behind the scenes stuff. The Townsville team has already scored a recruitment boon in former Wynnum Manly and Cowboys Under 20s hooker Nathan Norford, who has signed with Brothers for the 2014 Townsville and Districts Rugby League season. A host of other TDRL players will be in contention for Townsville ISC spots should QRL give a green light, along with fringe Cowboys' NRL players. The Cowboys are strong supporters of Townsville's ISC team, with club CEO Peter Jourdain a member of the bid group's steering committee. North Queensland's two other feeder clubs the Mackay Cutters and Northern Pride would still receive first grade player allocations even with Townsville's ISC inclusion. "We're are in their (the QRL's) strategic plan for the statewide competition and our admission fits in with their strategic intent of including Townsville and Toowoomba," Lyons said. "Obviously there's a little bit more to it than that and there's a lot of things to consider, because including another North Queensland team into the competition is expensive. "But we're still getting positive feedback and we've confident of being in the 2015 competition." The bid group said it would reveal its team colours and name once a QRL decision was made. In other local league news, a Northern Region conference featuring representatives from local clubs and divisions will still meet at the Mercure Inn today, depite Cyclone Dylan's presence in the region. NRL head of football Todd Greenberg was scheduled to attend, but QRL northern region development manager Scott Nosworthy said his visit was now in doubt due to Cyclone Dylan.

Ballet flats are a down to earth choice for an autumn bride who is uncomfortable in high heels but would like an optional that is both more formal and season appropriate than sandals. Satin ballet flats can be dyed to match your wedding colors, or you can hot glue gems, beads and satin ribbon to give your shoes extra flair. A wide variety of materials is used to make and decorate ballet flats; choosing flats covered in gold, copper or bronze glitter is a whimsical way to walk down an autumn aisle. Classic and elegant, a pump is the sophisticated high heel choice for a fall wedding. With closed toes and an absence of straps and cut outs, pumps will give you plenty of support and stability so you can put your best foot forward on your walk down the aisle. When purchasing high heels for a wedding, try the shoes on in person whenever possible; if you are standing for the entirety of the ceremony, you will want to choose heels in which you can comfortably stand for an extended period of time. A kitten heel combines the functionality of a flat with the elevated elegance of a heel, and unexpected materials like tweed and suede give a kitten heel some fall flavor. From western to Victorian and all points in between, boots are an unexpected and appropriate shoe choice for autumn brides. Cowboy boots are well suited to weddings that have a rustic country vibe; many manufacturers produce boots with subtle metallic accents in sophisticated colors, perfect for adding a dash of country to your wedding ensemble. For a high necked, lacy Victorian style wedding gown, lace up, high heeled boots in velvet or ultra soft leather would finish a look full of autumnal vintage romance. Embroidery, lace and faux fur trim adds extra glamour to your look. The old adage "Something old, something blue." advises brides to place a coin in their shoes for luck, but autumn brides can incorporate additional autumn symbols to bring extra luck to your wedding. Oak leaves and acorns symbolize courage and marital faith; wheat stands for abundance and good luck. Gluing silk leaves along the counter, which cups the heel, of a high heel pump gives shoes a dramatic autumnal accent, while gluing small acorns or sprigs of wheat to the topline of the toe box is a feminine fall flourish.Nfl Jerseys Wholesale

Senate? What motivated you to do this? Like many other Floridians, I have been watching with dismay as the cascade of economic crises has unfolded over the last couple of years. The bursting real estate bubble, the credit crunch, the transformation of Wall Street and the failure of American industry have shaken America to its core. We as a nation are still struggling to understand the causes of these events and judge whether the hasty actions that our government has undertaken in response to these events will do more harm than good. In addition, we now face a nuclear threat from North Korea and, soon, Iran. The Taliban is threatening both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Terrorism continues to plague the free world. As our country confronts this period of economic and international turmoil, the Republican Party seems to have lost its way. Many Republicans feel disenfranchised by the spending orgy and big government approach of the Bush administration. Republicans are uneasy with the current administration's approach to these economic and international issues, yet appear to lack the leadership to provide solutions. We are in the midst of a violent storm. I can help lead Florida and the nation through this tempest. For many years, you lived in New Hampshire and represented it in the Senate. Seeing as you moved to Florida relatively recently, many are wondering if you know the state well enough to run for office in it. Do you feel that you are familiar enough with the issues many Floridians are facing such as skyrocketing unemployment, rising taxes and the foreclosure crisis? I am no stranger to Florida. My family and I have been enjoying Florida's beautiful beaches and natural treasures for the last 40 years. My wife and I have lived in Sarasota for over six years. Since we made Florida our home, I have worked in the real estate business and served as a founding director of a community bank. In addition, I spent three years as President of The Everglades Foundation, a non profit organization headquartered in Miami, whose mission is restore and preserve the Everglades through community awareness and public private partnerships. I have enjoyed being a leader on issues affecting Floridians during much of my career. When I was the Chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, I worked with Governor Jeb Bush to restore the Everglades. I sponsored legislation funding Everglades restoration and guided the bill to passage by the Senate and the House. In addition, I am a proven advocate for issues about which Floridians feel strongly, including: fiscal prudence, protecting veterans and strengthening the military, recognizing the importance of the space industry to the future and security of the country, healthcare reform, and protecting our state's and our nation's borders. I have faced the issues of unemployment, taxes and foreclosures in Congress throughout my career in Congress. When I was elected to the House of Representatives in 1984, the country was just starting to recover from the recession of the early 1980's. I participated in the response to the Savings and Loan crisis, which was similar to the current crisis in cause, if not in scope. Senator in 1990, it was not long before the country was in the midst of another recession and housing crunch. Though it proved to be the prelude to a much worse crisis, I also was involved with the actions taken by Congress to respond to the bursting of the technology stock bubble earlier this decade. It is hard for me to sit on the sidelines during these troubling times. Republican Floridians need a seat at the table while the President and Congress are making decisions that will affect the future of our nation. As a senior senator, I can provide that seat at the table. Your opponents in the Republican primary are current Governor Charlie Crist and former Speaker of the Florida House Marco Rubio. Why do feel that you are a better candidate than either of them? I have great respect both for Governor Crist and Speaker Rubio. They have served the state well. My entrance into this race is a unique opportunity for Florida to elect a non incumbent that has the knowledge and experience provided by two terms in the Senate. Congress in 1984. I fought alongside President Reagan on cutting taxes and strengthening the military. My service on the Armed Services Committee for 12 years, where I was the Chairman of the Strategic Forces and Acquisition and Technology Subcommittees, provided me with critical knowledge in the areas of missile defense, intelligence and other national security issues. With all due respect, Governor Crist and Speaker Rubio do not have the experience to provide leadership on the national and international issues that Florida and America face. Both Governor Crist and Speaker Rubio are currently raising funds and building up grassroots support for their respective campaigns. They also hold commanding leads over you in recent polls. Are you going to begin campaigning aggressively this summer? Do you believe that you will be able to substantially increase your standing in the polls anytime in the foreseeable future? I formally announced my candidacy in the first week of June, and I have just begun to actively campaign and raise funds throughout the state. I admit that I will have to work hard to achieve name recognition among Floridians equivalent to Governor Crist and Speaker Rubio. The election is over a year away, and polls this far out are not relevant. Representative Kendrick Meek, the presumptive Democrat nominee, in the general election? As a preliminary matter, it is up to the Democratic Party to select their nominee. I can defeat whomever the Democratic Party nominates. I believe I can unite the Republican Party in Florida, and united we will prevail. If elected to the Senate, what will be your top priorities upon taking office? In 2010, we must deliver a message that appeals to all members of the Republican Party, and that will appeal to Floridians in the general election. I believe this message encompasses: fiscal prudence not just tax breaks, but controlling the growth of government, ensuring that our veterans are protected and that our military has the resources it needs to protect our country, reestablishing the integrity of the financial system, expediting the disposal of government ownership interests in American business, working with healthcare providers and other experts to achieve the goal of affordable health insurance, while ensuring that the government is not in the business of providing healthcare and that patient choice comes first, fixing Social Security so that it is self funded, as it was originally intended, and revising our immigration policies so that they actually work. These are tough issues to face, and Florida needs judgment and understanding to accomplish these goals. Florida, a state whose legislature and executive offices are dominated by Republicans, went for Democrat Barack Obama by a slight margin in the 2008 presidential election. Do you believe that your staunchly conservative views, which contrast the moderate to liberal ones of Governor Crist and the center right ones of Speaker Rubio, will appeal to Florida's largely centrist voting base? Too often political pundits use labels ranging from "staunchly conservative" to "liberal" to inflame tensions within the party, cause division and divert our focus from the pressing issues that face the country. We need to put aside the political scales and come together to solve the tough problems facing the nation. That being said, I proudly identify myself as a conservative. I have two decades of votes in the House and Senate to demonstrate my conservative leadership on economic, national security and social issues. In addition, I also have been a leader on many environmental issues, such as Everglades restoration, for which I have been nationally recognized. Have you received any notable endorsements so far in your campaign? I have not sought nor received any endorsements. I stand on my record, rather than on recommendations of others.